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"Let knowledge grow from more to more and thus be human life enriched."


     VBIT library is truly a learning center built with 2018.50 Sq.m of carpet area spreading over two floors to accommodate more than 250 students at a time. The library stocks textbooks, reference books, journals audio video lectures and projects reports. The Library subscribes to more than 216 national and international journals and has very large collection of reference books on advanced disciplines that are aimed at developing students beyond their normal curriculum. In all, the Central library has then 43208 volumes and around 6433 titles covering various advanced disciplines pertaining to all the branches of engineering and management courses.


     Digital library is well equipped with 25 multimedia systems and server and uninterrupted power backup to access e-journals, e-books and Internationals standards through databases like IEEE Digital Library and N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content.).


     The Library is equipped with four multimedia classrooms for conducting A/V Lectures from eminent professors through NPTEL program. In accordance with objectives of the Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology. The library aim to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the students and faculty and Research community of the Institution.


Library Vision:

     As a center of intense intellectual inquiry, the Library shares with the Institution the aspiration to be the most dynamic learning environment in the world.

In this desired future, the Library ensures that its collections remain forward-looking, diverse in breadth and form, open to browsing, and of world-renowned quality. Through promotion, the Library makes people aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, it makes access to these resources easier. The Library’s creation of an integrated, seamless web of information further streamlines access. To serve future users, the Library preserves information across all formats and ensures effective storage and delivery systems. The Library’s physical and virtual spaces respond to the changing habits of its users to enrich the campus experience and to multiply the ways in which people can pursue inquiry. The Library’s collaboration with expanding circles of partners yields unified access, broadening knowledge, and enhanced services.

The Library continues to embrace change and align itself to thrive on diversity, to support professional growth and opportunity, and to reward flexibility and innovation.


Library Mission     


     The Library's mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the student community. To fulfill this            mission, the Library commits to:

  • Understand the research, teaching, and learning needs of its users;
  • Build collections and create tools to support research, teaching, and learning;
  • Provide access to and promote the discovery and use of local and external information resources;
  • Ensure the preservation and long-lasting availability of Library collections and resources;
  • Create hospitable physical and virtual environments for study, teaching, and research;
  • Collaborate with other members of the University to enrich the research and learning community;
  • Advance local, national, and international library and information initiatives;
  • Develop, encourage, and sustain expertise, skill, commitment and an innovative spirit in its staff.


Library Values:

     In all of our interactions, we are guided by these values:


  • We encourage the process of learning and the life of the mind.
  • We celebrate truth seeking through discourse and investigation.
  • We anticipate and contribute to scholarly inquiry.
  • We promote the Library as both a real and virtual extended classroom.
  • We embrace our role as collectors and custodians of the intellectual record.


  • We offer an environment that supports creativity, flexibility, and collaboration.
  • We believe that each user of the Library is unique and important.
  • We evolve to meet the changing needs of the Library and its users.
  • We maintain a comfortable, welcoming and secure place for study, research, work, reflection and interaction.


  • We commit ourselves to excellence.
  • We seek out the best people and resources to accomplish our work.
  • We support individual growth and organizational development.
  • We work diligently to exceed the expectations of those we serve.


  • We relate to each other with honesty and candor.
  • We adhere to the principles of fairness, justice and equality in our work.
  • We promote the highest standards of our profession, including open and equitable access to information.
  • We demonstrate a strong work ethic, taking responsibility for our actions, keeping our word, and following through on our commitments.


  • We treat everyone with equal consideration and courtesy.
  • We encourage differences in perspective, opinions and ideas.
  • We consider the needs of others.
  • We provide an environment that is inclusive and diverse.


  • We engage in open and honest communication at all levels.
  • We recognize the importance of Library-wide participation.
  • We reach out to all segments of our user communities.
  • We share information and solicit opinions about decisions that affect the success of the Library.

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vamsee krishna said

at 9:12 pm on Oct 22, 2013

srinivas sir.. your work is excellent. thanks a lot sir for wonderful collection.


at 10:38 am on Jul 5, 2019

Your effort makes our work more productive. Thank you for valuable information in this website Srinivas sir.. And one more request, Kindly update previous sem/year University question papers so that it will be more helpful to faculty members and students as well to have an idea on what comes the University is expecting from the learner.

Thanks again

vbitlibrary said

at 12:24 pm on Jul 5, 2019

Thanks for your feedback madam, the question bank is updated. please check.


at 12:57 pm on Jul 5, 2019

Got them sir.. Thank you so much for your kind & quick response.

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